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A lot is often said about how things ‘look and feel’. We know the importance of both. We’ve worked for years perfecting a tactile side to print. Sight and touch, image and texture. What’s underneath and on the surface. The technical term for it is laminate, but it’s more than that. It’s about how print can feel and how it makes you feel. It’s a protective layer, and an added texture. It’s a gloss finish or a peach skin. We say do judge a book by its cover, take things on face value. Look, then give your eyes a rest and feel.
The Pristine range of roll laminate is a premium grade low-melt roll film formulated from co-polymer resins. This transparent film is the film of choice for most trade finishers and print shops. Pristine laminate is available in gloss or matt finishes on 25, 57 and 76mm cores. Our Pristine range of films have excellent bonding properties, especially designed for laminating litho print. As well as giving a high quality finish, your print is also enhanced. High surface tension means this is suitable for spot UV varnishing and other post laminate processes.
Pristine Gloss
Pristine Matt
This range offers a dynamic new print medium to folded carton producers, packaging manufacturers and trade finishers. It helps brand owners build new, show-stopping package designs. Allows stunning special effects not previously possible in the world of packaging. Provides richer, more vibrant colours, and offers a sensory experience on every package. Adds value by providing a tactile, visually pleasing surface, allowing foil stamping, gluing and spot UV coatings to combine in a truly sensual experience. Increases durability and extends shelf life of consumer goods and luxury packaging.
PrintAply’s Velvetine - original BOPP film with smooth and soft tactile properties. Being 50% more matt than standard matt films on the market, this film transmits the sensation of luxury and exclusivity. With very good scuff resistance and maximum respect of the original colours, Velvetine can be glued, printed and stamped on. This luxury film will make the difference in your lamination jobs and final products (book covers, packaging lamination, brochures and business cards).
Velvetine Ebony
This film offers a high intensity, consistent black finish as well as possessing the smooth and soft tactile properties of Velvetine film. Multiple passes are not necessary, this avoiding a high amount of surface ink and therefore eliminating adhesion problems. This film can be embossed and printed on. Recommended running temperature: 105°C - 120°C.
Matt polypropylene film combining the well-known properties of a matt finish, with an abrasion and scratch resistant surface. This film is setting new standards in protecting your printed products. Sealskin is a gluable film, suitable for UV spot varnishing and for hot stamping foil. Sealskin Thermal – 28mic – recommended running temperature of 100°C - 120°C. Sealskin Digital – 36mic – recommended running temperature of 110°C - 125°C. Phenomenal 8H hardness.
Suitable for finishing ring binders, books, brochures, folders etc. Is more resistant to wear and tear meaning your print keeps it’s just printed look. It also gives numerous print products a pleasantly tactile exterior. Rawhide is resistant to chemicals, dirt and moisture and can be recycled in paper and board production. It has no impact on groundwater when deposited as landfill, and also permits pollutant-free incineration for energy purposes. 33mic. Lamination temperature 105°C.
Lamination with Weft film is recommended for print products that are exposed to particularly severe wear and tear, such as maps, book covers, ring binders or menus. It has a built-in fine linen structure of its own. There is therefore no need for embossing. The special durability of Weft film is due to the fact that it is two and a half times thicker than normal PP film. It offers reliable resistance to chemicals, dirt and moisture, can be recycled in paper and board production, and is neutral to groundwater in landfill situations. Furthermore, Weft film permits pollutant-free incineration for energy purposes.
Publisher film is the film of choice for most book printers. With a specially formulated adhesive for adhesion to fuser oil based inks and other difficult to adhere to digital toners. Its unique formulation allows immediate lamination to wet inks without delay. Superior curl free properties and scratch resistant surface make this the perfect finish for soft back books. Great lay flat properties help book covers to remain flat in moist conditions. Water, oil, acid and alkali resistant. Enhances overall colour and appearance of graphics. Long lasting toughness to keep books or any other products as good as new for longer.
Publisher Gloss
Publisher Matt
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